Shell – SS Candle Holder 015

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16×13 cm

This vessel has a dark blue base coat with cobalt brush marks. There is one small crack on the underside. The crack has been filled with pink sugru.

Shellshocked candle holders

This collection of candleholders was hand built and painted with love! Sadly the kiln gods were not in our favour and they emerged shellshocked from the fire! Shellshocked is the term we use for shells that have come out with cracks. If the crack is open we can restore the shell with colourful Sugru in the spirit of Kintsugi the Japanese art of mending ceramics, a metaphor for embracing your flaws and imperfections.   

Each candle holder varies in size, shellshocked-ness and have been priced individually.

Each candle holder comes with its own set of 5 colourful Via Wax candles made locally in Cape Town. You may need to use some putty or cardboard bits to secure the candles in the candle holders as each one has a different opening as they were originally intended as vases. be used as a decorative object, to hold dry flowers or as a candle holder.

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