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Handmade, Handpainted Shellegant ceramic wall hanging shell sconce. Each shell has a unique size, shape and painted surface making them very collectible.

The shells are made in either porcelain, stoneware or terracotta clay. Each shell is stamped with the Lucie de Moyencourt ceramic stamp on the reverse side. Each shell is fitted with a custom brass wire wall hanging device that will enable you to hang the shell from the nail of the brass arm bit. The wire work is done by Zimbabwean artist George Magaso.

The shell sconces come in two parts, one part ceramic shell, the other is the brass wire arm.

To install you will need to screw the brass arm into the wall (there are two holes for the screws) , the shell part hangs off this secured arm. The brass arm bit can be unscrewed for easy cleaning or polishing if you want this. The brass is brushed brass and will naturally tarnish over time, something that I enjoy, but it is your preference if you would like to keep it polished.

The brass arm was made by a father and son team in Cape Town, this is a unique design by Lucie deMoyencourt. The fit is for a standard sized candle and the cup holds the candle nice and firmly.

Due to the nature of Ceramics, micro cracks in the glaze might occur over time, if any larger cracks are spotted at the time of packaging we will notify the client and we can take it from there.

Each shell will be securely packaged or crated for safe domestic and international courier. Please allow 10 working days to receive your tracking number via email once your order has been placed.

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 6 cm
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