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Shellegance x Anthony Shapiro vases

Each ornamental vase in this collection has been made by hand in the studio of Anthony Shapiro in Cape Town and then painted by Lucie Demoyencourt for Shellegance. Shellegance feels very lucky to collaborate with such a respected ceramicist as Anthony and his studio as it takes years to master the medium to build large vases like this. These vases were built on the wheel, with joints etc done by hand.

The vases each have unique shapes and dimensions (and wing spans)

This vase’s dimensions : 35 x 25 cm

Each ornamental vase is uniquely painted using a wide range of glazes and underglazes, It has been the pearl of the Shellegance practice so far to apply Shellegance patterns to such big and beautiful objects.

A bright periwinkel blue ornamental vase with cobalt and black brushwork. This vase has a stunning array of shell petals on both sides.

We hope you will enjoy them

Best wishes

Lucie and Anthony

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